Valeria Valdez

Valeria Valdez, Research Projects Development

Valeria Valdez is a Mexican linguist with a passion for corpus linguistics, lexicography, and the publishing industry. She has experience as a teacher of Spanish, and English as a second language in Mexico and Spain. For the last few years, she has worked as a proofreader and layout designer, where she collaborated in the production of educational materials in several languages. Her current professional endeavor finds her based in Madrid, where she excels as a publishing rights assistant.

Valeria holds a degree in Applied Languages from the European University of the Atlantic in Santander (Spain), where she was awarded an honorable mention for her dissertation entitled “Innovaciones léxicas en la esfera pública: el caso del español de EE. UU.” (Lexical innovations in the public sphere: the case of the U.S. Spanish), which was carried out in the framework of the RIUSS project collaboration guided by Leticia Molinero (President of RIUSS) and Dr. Maria Araceli Alonso Campo (PhD in Applied Linguistics and member of RIUSS Board of Directors).

Valeria Valdez, a dynamic member of the RIUSS Resource Development Committee, brings her extensive knowledge and sharp intellect to bear on essential ongoing initiatives. Her contributions are not only valued but also instrumental in driving the success of these projects.