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Hablamos Juntos

RIUSS© is pleased to offer some of the content of the now extinct Hablamos Juntos website, with permission of its former director, Dr. Yolanda Partida.

While Hablamos Juntos was addressing the urgent need to improve and standardize the work of interpreters in healthcare, we find most of their research and work very valuable for written communications as well. The Hablamos JuntosTogether We Speak (HJ)—a national initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—targeted the improvement of language access for Spanish-speaking individuals in areas with rapidly-growing Latino populations. The objective of HJ was to improve doctor-patient communication by increasing access to and the quality of interpreter services for Spanish-speaking patients.

You will find these breakthrough communication tools in our Resources section. At this time, we are able to publish only a partial list of documents that we had gathered before learning of the original website’s closure. Unfortunately, some internal links in these documents are now inactive. With time, we hope to add the missing content and recover as many internal links as possible.

We encourage you to read our interview with Dr. Partida in the upcoming RIUSS Journal (V1N1), where she shares with us her deep and broad insights about how to communicate with LEP Spanish-Speaking patients in the United States.

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