Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of research does RIUSS carry out?

RIUSS conducts corpus-based research to produce a coded database that will enable it to create RIUSS Surveys designed to determine reading comprehension and other features of such material.

Is RIUSS available to do customized research?

RIUSS is ready to consider any request for research based on written material meant for specific audiences.

How is this research funded?

If a requesting organization is from the government, it probably has funds for research or the ability to submit a proposal to foundations requesting such funding. RIUSS may also submit proposals to foundations, corporations, individuals or other entities to request funding.

Do you offer Spanish courses?

As we are a research organization, we do not offer Spanish courses. However, you may be interested in reading our articles and taking our upcoming webinars focused on the use of the Spanish language in the United States and on the cultural and economic value of being Spanish-proficient and bilingual