Content of Apuntes


Apuntes was a quarterly bilingual newsletter for translators. It started as the organ of the Spanish Special Group (SPANSIG) of The New York Circle of Translators in 1994, under the direction of Ronald Torres, who died very suddenly in 1995. At that time, a group of New York translators assigned the editing of Apuntes to Leticia Molinero, who ran the publication until its closure in 2006. In 2003 SPANSIG ended its connection with the NYCT and Apuntes became the newsletter of InTradES, a non-profit professional association of English<>Spanish translators and interpreters.

In addition to publishing Apuntes, InTradES organized round tables and an annual conference that provided Continuing Education accrediting points for the annual certification granted by the American Translators Association. The annual conferences were always held at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City and were very well attended by translators from the Tri-State area surrounding the City. Readers of Apuntes also gathered the second Monday of every month at a local cafe or restaurant for informal and very animated meetings. Three of the current members of the Board of Directors of RIUSS© were also members of InTradES and collaborators with Apuntes: María Cornelio, Frank Gomez and Leticia Molinero.

As the website of has been closed, the Board of Directors of RIUSS© approved the motion to keep a number of issues of Apuntes and other memorabilia in its Resources section. Here you will find a list of issues available for reading and downloading. Some printed older issues listed in the Apuntes Index 1994-2006 may be available by special order if a request is sent through,

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