Sonia Gamboa

Sonia Gamboa, Research Projects Development

My name is Sonia Gamboa. I am a first generation Mexican-American from Wilmington, California. Growing up in a Spanish-speaking home within an English-speaking world gave me the unique opportunity to be a so called “child interpreter”. This experience seeded in me the passion for language and cultural understanding and has been central in my personal and professional development.

I have served as a case manager, interpreter, and translator throughout different points in my 18-year career, working directly with developmentally disabled children and families, older adults and low-income Limited English Proficient (LEP) Los Angeles residents. I have gained invaluable skills and have seen firsthand how the proper implementation and provision of language services impacts the health and overall wellbeing of individuals.

I am the proud owner of a women-run small business based out of Los Angeles. I provide multicultural communication services to clients within the public health sector who serve Spanish-speaking Latinos within the U.S.

I currently travel between Los Angeles and Mexico, the two worlds that have shaped me into the woman and person that I am now.

My other life passions include traveling, gardening, watching the rain fall, getting lost in a new city, people watching, detective stories, family, food, music, poetry, Latin American female authors, and sipping on a warm cup of tea in good company. The latter usually includes Hazel, my dog and loyal companion and Patitas (Little Feet), my mischievous but adorable cat.